Baby Charlie

I had so much fun with this photo shoot.
How could you not with such a cooperative little model?
This little man is going to be quite the heartbreaker when he’s older.

I love this one.

What a cute lil’ bum.

I love how he has his lil’ hand. This photo shoot giving you a headache lil’ buddy?

He was being sooo patient with me.

He was so alert and attentive, I couldn’t believe how he’d look straight into the camera.

Tiny lil’ hand.

Perfect for eating.

So I tried this new ring shot… poor kiddo didn’t like them on his toes, wiggled his feet like crazy to get them off.
Which do you like better?

I snapped a few quick mommy shots… the lighting was off, but still think they are sweet.

Thank you Rachel for letting me capture your sweet new little one.
Give him an extra snuggle for me, and I may be back to beg for some more shots.


6 Comments on “Baby Charlie”

  1. lisa says:

    Oh, my word! Darling little guy – and beautiful job! I love the black and white with Rachel. But, it’s hard to pick a favorite! Nice work!

  2. Ash says:

    Oh Liz! 3, 5 and the last one are my favorites! I LOVE how you scrunch them up with their hands under their chin. Sooo cute! I really like the rings on the toes cause you can see the baby in the back ground but the second feet shot would be better for a body part collage. You’ve got quite a few clients building up. You go girl!:)

  3. Ali Olsen says:


    just love these! you’re amazing!!

  4. I may be slightly biased due to the model choice, but I think your work is pretty amazing! I also think you are pretty amazing…….there seems to be no end to your talents!

  5. debnewey2 says:

    These are so cute! What a cute little guy too. I love all the poses and his hands are perfect in every shot. Way to go!

  6. Carolyn says:

    Nice work, Liz! I feel like I’m getting a little Pittsburgh 7th ward update looking at these. So excited to see the Quigley’s baby, or even that they had a baby! Congratulations, Rachel!

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